Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

Year: Junior
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 222 lbs.
School: LSU
Birthday: July 11, 1990
Scouts simply love Peterson’s ability and feel he could go as high as the top 5. His cover skills and instincts are tremendous, and is deemed to be an even better prospect than last year’s first-rounders Joe Haden and Kyle Wilson. Though he a little big for a corner, Peterson has long arms to disrupt receivers and tremendous athleticism that will allow him to effectively play press coverage. He has already earned tremendous respect from teams that choose not to throw in his direction. Peterson could also make an impact in the NFL as a return specialist. If there is one knock on him, it’s that he relies too much on his athleticism rather than technique, but that is a con that is easily fixable.
Coach’s Perspective
DA spoke with LSU defensive backs coach Ron Cooper about Peterson:

DA: What is it that makes Patrick so special?
RC: He’s number one got great character, he’s a great person who’s a very very talented athlete. He’s got great feet and hips. He can play man, he can play zone, he can play the ball in the air tremendously, and overall just a very talented person.

DA: How rewarding was it watching him grow during his time at LSU?
RC: It’s just been exciting. You talk about a young man that comes to work every day or comes to practice, whether work being his practice or work being in the weight room or doing some things academically, he always came with a smile on his face ready to work. He enjoys working hard, he enjoys being the best, he enjoys competition, and those guys always go a long way.

DA: What system might be the best fit at the pro level for him?
RC: I think he can fit into any system. We’re very multiple, I mean he’s had to pay man, he’s had to play zone, he had to play off man, cover two, cover three, quarters. There’s not many of the coverages out there that he hasn’t been able to master, so I think he’ll fit where ever he goes. Whoever takes him will be a very lucky and fortunate team and again they’ll be getting a young man that’s humble but at the same time he enjoys competition and he enjoys working to be the best.

DA: Does the stiff competition of the SEC help get be better prepared for the NFL?
RC: Week in week out, if you look at the guys playing in the NFL, there’s a lot o them that come fright from this conference. When you look at the guys that he’s had to face, he’s faced guys that will be the top guys when they go to the league or have been the top guys when they were in this league. So I think SEC football prepares you for every situation that you may face in pro ball.

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