What Are They Up To?

Every now and then I’m fortunate enough to meet a big-name athlete, either past or present. In the case of the former, I find it’s always interesting to hear how they’re keeping busy in their post-playing days. Sometimes, they are finding interesting stuff to do in the offseason. Check in here to see what stories unravel.

Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez

It was truly a pleasure to meet El Duque. The four-time world champion recently participated in the Dade Amateur Golf Championship that I covered on behalf of the Herald. His golf game needs a little work, but the former Yankee great can hold his own on the green.
“I’m not retired,” he told me, adding that he is open to any offers he might get from any interested clubs. In the meantime, Hernandez is playing a lot of golf while living in Miami.
His brother, Livan, also a Cuban defect, still plays for the Nationals and like his brother lives in Miami in the offseason.
Hernandez, for the record, was 15 strokes off the lead at 14-over 156 through the first two rounds.

Adam Jones

I was informed by a high school friend that when he went out to play pickup football with a number of former classmates, the Orioles standout showed up and joined in on the fun.
Jones is dating a girl who is friends with one of the guys that played. Enjoying Turkey Day with some of his hometown fans meant the number one objective was to make sure no one injured the talented outfielder.


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